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Dictionaries….good for more than holding up that old wobbly table! (Who knew?) May 13, 2010

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While writing my “Who am I? Well, who the heck are you?” post I edited out 1 particular part b/c I thought my husband would be offended.  However, I felt guilty even thinking it (though it was merely for comic relief)…so I told him what I had intended to write.  I usually end up telling him everything regardless of the situation….usually ending in me feeling dumb (which you would think would be a harder thing to do considering I am a rocket scientist…but, nope)

So, what I originally wrote went something like this:      

** 3) I am married to a very sexy Marine. Though I probably could have just said “Marine” b/c it’s kinda synonymous with “sexy”.  Have you ever noticed how you can take a guy who is….well let’s say, less than sexy….put a uniform on him….and bam, it makes you wish polygamy was a little more widely accepted!!

Needless to say, my husband laughed and said he most defiantly was not offended. He continued to inform me that he would not have a problem with my comment or with polygamy, but that “I” would likely be the one who would disapprove.  (Just to bring you up to speed….I get angry when he talks to the girl at the taco bell drive through for a little too long….mind you this is when we are ordering and he’s talking to a little purple box with a microphone) To make a long story short, my hubby told me the word I was looking for was “polyandry” (to have multiple husbands), not “polygamy” (to have multiple wives). OOPS!! But in my defense….who the heck knows shit like that??

This being said, I think everyone should spend a little more time to improve their relationship with their dictionary. OK, maybe this only applies to use science folk…but you can never have too much vocabulary in your noggin. Being well versed in vocabulary can improve your everyday life: you will excel at the Sunday crossword puzzle, you can insult people with them none the wiser (unless you are speaking with my hubby…b/c he’ll insult you back with words 3X as long), you can write a blog without the potential of picking up more wives for your husband, etc, etc. So, dust off that dictionary and let it start supporting your personal education opposed to just supporting that old wobbly table.


Find meaning in your poop…I did

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So, I  actually had a fantastic weekend this past weekend….I felt like a real person, with a real life….opposed to my normal life which consists of going to work, going to school, doing homework, going to the gym and picking up dog poop (rinse and repeat). This weekend the hubby and I actually relaxed…..a rare occurrence!

Saturday night, after 2 hrs at the gym (which felt great), we were very excited to go to a local club/lounge to watch his friend DJ. Unfortunately, there was some huge party the night before and so the place was empty; go freakin figure!! However, we (and by we, I mean the hubby) grabbed some drinks, sat at the very empty VIP tables and got to hang out and talk. Since I was not drinking (DD) our conversation got more and more amusing for me as the night went on while my hubby was on drink 8 or 9. So, I guess the night didn’t end up so bad after all. Moral: You don’t need to drink to have a great time…as long as someone has alcohol 🙂

Sunday we decided to make sure we didn’t rely on anyone for our fun!! We went and had appetizers at a Mediterranean restaurant, did some shopping, and then went for a couples massage. To many people reserve massages for vacation, which I find to be a very misguided viewpoint!! Massages are for everyday life too!! If you incorporate them in your daily activities I honestly think you will improve your daily life (not just your 1 week of vacation).

Anyway, after a fantastic, relaxing weekend out we figured it was only fair to take our dogs for a walk…..and there I was…back to picking up dog poop! We’ll I didn’t technically pick it up….but the act of pick up poop was back in my life….how did this happen?? I guess there is no avoiding life; you just need to embrace it….which is ofcourse what I am realizing as I write this. In retrospect: I was able to be with my three favorite people/pets in the whole world, it was a gorgeous night out for a walk, I was able to stretch my legs after a grueling work-out, and even though there was poop involved, my hubby picked it all up so I didn’t have to. Really I have no reason to avoid my life, I think I just want it to slowdown so I can actually take a second to breath, look at what I am doing and realize that I actually like my life. In all truthfulness, I LIKE picking up dog poop….b/c  it means that I have pets that I love, it means that I own grass where it matters if it’s clean enough to run/lay in, it means I own a house that I care enough about, it means a lot of things….this, like so many things in life is somthng where you need to sometimes take a second to look deeper than just the shit on the surface, b/c underneath it all is meaning and it’s usually pretty damn good. So take a second, look deeper and find meaning in your shit….I promise it will be worth it. If it’s not, I think that is a valuable discovery as well. **You cannot change the winds but you can redirect the sails**


Who am I? Well, who the heck are you? May 6, 2010

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I could write a nice neat little paragraph telling you allll about myself…but is that really fair? For one, it would be a tad bias since I think I am pretty great (most of the time), and two, that would require a lot of effort and thought to make myself sound as awesome as I say I am…(which if you havn’t figured out is a bit of an exaggeration) So, I think it only fair that I let you form your own opinion via all the post that are to come (assuming you don’t already know me). However, just to get your started…here are a few fun facts about me.

1)      I am a 27yr old female

2)      I was born and raised in the great state of New York….and have somehow let myself end up living somewhere between cornfields and soybean fields…sheesh! (More on that later though)

3)      I am married to a very sexy Marine. Though I probably could have just said “Marine” b/c it’s kinda synonymous with “sexy”.

4)      I am an engineer and like (no, need!) order in my life.

5)      I have two dogs (though one thinks he’s a cat) who are just as strange as I am…one of which insisted he lay across my lap on top of my arms as I sit here typing. I kind of feel like a tranasoursrex as I can only move my arms from my elbows down. (So I apologize for typo’s)

6)      I love to travel, but I love to just stay home and relax too. If you ask my husband….I don’t get out and do things enough…so hopefully this blog will help motivate me to be a little more proactive on that front! So, here’s to being optimistic!

OK, we’ll thats enough for now. Plus why should you know everything about me?….I mean, who the heck are you??


My first post…how exciting!! (You can tell I set the bar really high for myself today)

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So I must come clean right from the start as we are just now begining this fabulous relationship. I have always wanted to create a blog, as I thought it would be fun! However, I often though that no one would really care about what I had to say, which may very well be true and is why I am just now attempting this whole “blogging” thing. But after reading some friend’s blogs I realized that their random ramblings and thoughts were actually pretty funny and insightful. Reading these blogs made me feel better about myself, knowing that I am not the only lunatic out there who thinks ridiculously inappropriate things about random strangers (or even worse, about people I know). So, my goal for this blog is to hopefully return the favor….to make you laugh (maybe even so hard that you pee in your pants….heck it’s not my couch your sitting on while you read this), to make you smile (even if you are shaking your head in the process), or even just to stimulate that ‘ol brain of yours that now a day’s too many people let get way too dusty! So sit back, relax, and scroll away….as I try this whole blogging thing!


Hello world!

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Testing out this new thing-a-majig…